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I've not had time to continue working on this project so it has not been updated in quite a while.

However, as is the awesome nature of Open Source there is a forked version that is being actively maintained at webpidginz for anyone interested.

WebPidgin is a plugin for Pidgin 2.x that provides access to your Pidgin instance, conversations and buddy lists through a web interface. Now you can IM from any device that has a web browser.
The pre-Pidgin cutover Gaim version is on the WebGaim 2.x page
A previous version of this plugin for gaim < 1.5 is available here.. However I don't recommend using it any more.
The tracker page is here.


[edit] Warning

WebPidgin only supports Authentication: Basic httpd authentication. This is a plain text authentication method.

[edit] Features

As of B18: ( 6/5/2008 )

  • Chat rooms (IRC)
  • Support for / commands

As of B17:

  • Supports Pidgin 2.0.1+
  • Display Online Buddies
  • Start and Continue IM with buddies
  • Login/Logout of IM accounts
  • Supports AIM/Y!/MSN/GoogleTalk/etc ( Anything gaim supports )
  • Basic httpd authentication ( Preferences panel allows for configurable username/password and port selection )

[edit] Supported Browsers/Devices

  • iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Mozilla
  • Firefox
  • IE
  • Konqueror
  • Samsung i500 ( Handspring Blazer Browser )
  • Sony PSP ( Wish it had a keyboard )
  • Sony PS3
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Most WAP phones ( when frame support is disabled )

[edit] Screen Shot

WebPidgin on a PSP

[edit] Using WebPidgin

[edit] Quick Start

Initial Configuration:

WebPidgin requires an installed copy of gaim since it runs as a plugin. Install Pidgin and configure it on your pc. This includes creating all of your IM accounts. Pidgin supports pretty much everything under the sun.
Install the plugin following the instructions from here. Go to tools->plugins and enable enable WebPidgin Plugin.
Once the plugin activate start a web browser on the same machine as webgaim and go to http://localhost:8888/ . At this point WebPidgin is running.

Using Mobile Browsers:

If the PC running WebPidgin is behind a firewall, you will need to forward port 8888 to the PC with Pidgin. ( Your router should have documentation on how to do this )
Now all we need is browse to http://yourip:8888/ from anywhere and you will see the WebPidgin interface.

[edit] The UI

CMD: U : H : B : O

This is the WebPidgin Quick Command bar.
U = Refresh/Update the current screen
A = Takes you to the Accounts Login/Logout screen
O = Takes you to the Options screen
? = Takes you to the Help screen


The active tab displays all buddies that have sent you a message that you have not read yet.
CMD: U : A : O : ?
 (2) MyBuddy1 [0]
(2) specifies the number of unseen messages.
MyBuddy1 is the buddy that IM-ed you.
[0] If your WAP device supports access keys, hitting this button on the keypad would take you to that conversation.

[edit] Download

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